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A glympse of Indonesia

Pears with Chinese White Wine, Star Anise and Ginger

Making Coconut Milk


Dry Frying Mustard Seeds

Making a Lemon Grass Brush

Making Chilli Flowers



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Recent Recipes

Bubur Rang-Rang

Cha Gio and Nuoc Cham

Sambal Blachan

Sambal Kecap

Nuoc Cham

Sambal Oelek

Yakitori Chicken

Thai Mussaman Curry Paste

Chicken Rendang

Malay Spice Paste for Chicken Rendang

Malay Spice Paste for Chicken Rendang

Simple Curry Powder

Stir-fried Prawns with Tamarind

Mussels and Clams in Coconut Cream

Pork and Spring Onion Pancakes

Marinated Beef Steaks


Chap Chae


Green and Yellow Layered Cakes

Assorted Tempura

Simple Rolled Sushi

Sweet Aduki Bean Soup with Rice Cakes

Miso Soup

Rice Triangles

Chicken and Egg with Rice

Five-Flavour Noodles

Rolled Omelette


Leche Flan





Adobo of Chicken and Pork


Filipino Prawn Fritters

Asparagus and Crab Soup

Chicken, Vegetable and Chilli Salad

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Black Glutinous Rice Pudding

Banana Fritters

Bamie Goreng

Sambal Goreng with Prawns

Deep-Fried Onions

Beef Rendang

Fruit and Raw Vegetable Gado-Gado

Sweet and Sour Salad

Chilli Sambal

Spicy Meat Balls

Nasi Goreng

Spicy Squid

Balinese Vegetable Soup

Lamb Sate

Thamin Lethok


Drunken Chicken

Mangoes with Sticky Rice

Stewed Pumpkin in Coconut Cream

Curried Prawns in Coconut Milk

Mussaman Curry

Red Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoots

Crispy Fried Rice Vermicelli

Barbecued Chicken

Stuffed Thai Omelettes

Thai Beef Salad

Larp of Chiang Mai

Green Papaya Salad

Stir-Fried Chicken with Basil and Chilli

Ginger, Chicken and Coconut Soup

Hot and Sour Prawn Soup

Fish Cakes with Cucumber Relish

Crisp Fried Crab Claws

Thai Spring Rolls

Indian Mee Goreng

Sambal Nanas

Nonya Pork Satay

Chilli Crabs

Cha Shao



Coconut Chips

Malaysian Coconut Ice Cream

Sotong Sambal

Sizzling Steak


Fish Moolie

Chicken Satay

Laksa Lemak

Lettuce Parcels

Fragrant Harbour Fried Rice

Salt and Pepper Prawns

Congee with Chinese Sausage

Pork Stuffed Steamed Buns

Steamed Flower Rolls

Spicy Shredded Beef

Duck Breasts with Pineapple and Ginger

Steamed Fish with Five Willow Sauce

Cantonese Fried Noodles

Egg Foo Yung - Cantonese Style

Crispy Wonton Soup